Northwall srl born from the experience in rescue and biomechanics of impacts, in synergy with professional design experience and manufacture of composite materials, medical devices & aeronautical components.

The continuous research for innovation is combined with the typical pragmatism efficiency, that the experience in pre hospital rescue keeps us alive. Northwall grows with the passionate collaboration of the best professionals in the field of composite materials, aerospace and security.

And thus the Northwall first product born, a new helmet dedicated to pilots and crew of helicopter rescue, military and civilian, which consider comfort and security that need to perform at their best an important work.

From here starts the adventure of Northwall in the realization of innovative devices, combining the operating procedures with the best and most advanced technology available.

Northwall proposes itself as an “Innovation Company” in several areas, creating and innovating products through technological know-how acquired in over 30 years of experience.