Northwall FaceShield
Cod. # nfs

The Northwall Faceshield safeguards the lower face from rotor wash, flying debris, and windblast during helicopter operations.
The Faceshield is an optional upgrade of LMT Pilot helmet that don’t require any helmet drilling.
The protective shield attaches to the helmet with a complete installation kit, with weighs less than 140 g, and offers an interface between shield and visor that avoid the fogging effect due to breathing.
The shield also offers impact protection.
An upgrade kit contains the face shield, helmet hardware, adjustable bands, and instructions for installation.
The Faceshield kit is upgradable on every existing Northwall LMT Pilot helmet.
The Faceshield kit is compatible with standard wire, flex or Wire/flex standard boom microphone.
The Faceshield can be stored on helmet forehead during operations which don’t require face protection.

Available sizes:
S/M: (for LMT Pilot helmet S) weight: 120 g (4 oz.)
L/XL: (for LMT Pilot helmet L) weight: 140 g (5 oz.)

• clear (see-through)
• different color on request

Download :