Trail Bag
Codice Prodotto: # trlbg

Basic Bag that allow to carry the patient on the Pneuspine, Sinctok or Stila along pathways using dedicated carry handles or dedicated shoulder belts.
The system allow to carry a ligthtest and compact litter ever.
With all the benefits of the Pneuspine long board, the Northwall Trail Bag can be the right solution for beckcountry rescue ops, medevac or escape operations.

Specifiche kit chiuso:
lunghezza: 54 cm (21.1⁄4 in)
raggio: 17 cm (10 in)
peso: 2,5 kg (5.5 lb)

Testato secondo la direttiva della Comunità Europea
93/42 and 2007/47
come “Medical Device Accessory”

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