Floating spine immobilization device

Fluitans allows the use of N-E-XT board as a rescue extricator in water environments, allowing the rescue and recovery of endangered or wounded people with rope or winch maneuvers (toghether with Tyrah rescue triangle).


Weight : 97 g without cylinder
33 g CO2 cylinder weight = 136 g

Lenght : 70 cm

Width : 37 cm

Maximum thickness (folded) = 3,6 cm

Buoyancy : 150N

Technical standards

EN ISO 12402-3 and EN 396

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Immobilizzatore spinale: consente manovre di “estricazione” in spazi confinati.


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Compostite Long Board designed to the immobilize a trauma patient.

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Divisible/foldable spine board made of Composite material and Titanium.

Safety Technologies

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