ORCA™ Operational Rescue Containment Apparatus

The ORCA-2016CN Containment Unit is a portable patient isolation unit (PIU) designed to prevent chemical and particulate (biological and radiological) cross-contamination between a patient and the external environment during evacuation and transport activities. It has been optimized for use in marine environments and for lifting operations employing the Stokes Stretcher. The use of the ORCA-2016CN allows for the safe transport of contaminated patients who have been medically stabilized, while protecting the crew of ships and hulls, air crews, passengers, ancillary service providers and transport vehicles.

The ORCA ™ clinical unit is intended for:

– Isolated transport of medically stabilized patients on aircraft, ambulances, ships or any vehicle capable of safely transporting a patient on a Stokes or NATO standard stretcher.
– Use with Stokes stretcher to lift and evacuate patients from ships or other marine platforms with rotary wing aircraft.
– Temporary isolation with or without transport of patients within hospitals or other medical facilities.



Length: 81 inc (206 cm)

Width: 26 inc (66 cm)

Thickness: 20 inc (51 cm)

Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)

Technical standards

Tested according to EU Directive

93/42 and 2007/47

EN 1789:2007+A2:2014

Dir. Minsalute 0035824-07/12/2015-DGPRE-P

Available tests passed

– Requirements for the passage of pathogens
– Permeation of chemical agents
– Aerosol leakage
– Liquid penetration
– Comfort level (Temp. / Humidity variants during vital signs recording)
– Lifting operations
– The TTP is supplemented by U.S. Coast Guard material certified to the NFPA 1994-2012 standard on CBRN Terrorist Incident First Responder Protection Sets, Class 3.
– Meets requirements for resistance of materials used in protective clothing against penetration of bloodborne pathogens per ASTM F1671M-13.
– Has been tested and proven to meet and exceed U.S. Performance Target Value (TPV) requirements for resistance to permeation by chemical warfare agents (CWA) per U.S. Army Test Operating Procedure (TOP) 8-2-501.


The composite board can be customized by printing your logo during the molding process.


Talon II Stretcher

The ORCA Bio Containment System is compatible with NATO military standard TALON II 90C stretchers allowing storage in a small space with a weight of 7.4 kg. The Talon II is certified “Safe-to-fly US Army rotary wing” and is compatible with helicopter locks from several manufacturers (STC).

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Safety Technologies

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