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Tech Helmet

The LMT Tech helmet is designed for technician crew members who needs to operate on the ground. The particular shape grants the operator to remove one of the earcups, allowing contact with ground crew or any patient during rescue operations while maintaining permanent side impact protection (features required for flight helmets).

Available sizes

S/M: from 52 a 57 cm (20 1⁄2 – 22 1⁄2 inch) 

L/XL: (from 58 to 64 cm) (23 – 25 1⁄4 inch)


S/M without comms: 700g (1.54 lb)

L/XL without comms: 890g (1.96 lb)

Technical standards

Meet & Exceed:

• EN 966:2013

• ANSI Z90.1

• EN 443:2008 (cl.4.3)

• EN 12492:2000 

• EN 397:2000

• EN 14052:2005 


The helmet can be customized by attaching many accessories, also can be colered with any color you want.

Tech helmet in action

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Helmet accessories

Our helmets can be equipped and customised with various accessories to meet every operation requirement.

Safety Technologies

Northwall, as a result of an over thirty years’ experience, implements new solutions. Thanks to the application of cutting edge technologies allows innovative procedures. The purpose of Northwall is Improving the effectiveness and safety of those working in a delicate and important professional environment such as the helicopter rescue.

Tailor Made Process

Every patient, every task, every crew members has different requirements and needs different solutions to protect himself making tasks effective. The ability to customize and design dedicated solutions is the basis of Northwall's activity, which makes each product a devoted specimen, a personal solution.

Continuous Innovation

Northwall Team, with a strong activity of R&D, works hardly to deliver to professional customers new devices and tool that could turn every action in an effective and safe one. Behind every solution there’s a big effort: thousand hours of research, testing and cooperation with industry professionals, Scientific Societies, Universities and High-Tech innovation driven companies.