Inflatable spinal support for stretchers or soft hoist ops devices.

The Pneuspine is a support device for trauma patients, compatible with “basket” stretchers or hoistable
soft devices that, together with the Pneuspine, can immobilize the patient in neutral alignment and / or allow a high buoyancy in the aquatic environment.

Ideal for rescue in rough environment or for search and rescue teams that can move a light and compact object, which allows a useful immobilization stiffness of patients up to 150 kg. (331 lb)

The inflating air or inert gas mixture is possible with different devices, more or less rapid, with the cylinder or with a pump / compressor.


Length: 76 in (194 cm)

Width: 18 in (46 cm)

Thickness: 4 in (10 cm)

Weight: 10 lb (4,5 kg)

Technical standards

The Pneuspine has been tested as a “long spinal board” and “vacuum matress” following the EN 1865- 1:2010

max test pressure : 4000 hPa (58 psi) standard safety pressure: 700 hPa (10 psi)

Inflatable with:

• nitrogen 1 L single use cylinder – 0.8 L reffillable cyliner

• hand/foot pump


Q-Head Immobilizer

On Pneuspine Board the Quick head immobilizer system is applicable, able to limit the adjustments and useful to the whole range of patients

Quick EVac belts

Immobilization belt system for Long Board, Pneuspine, Scoop stretchers. Quick and compact belting system ideal for rescue in any environment and on any kind of stretcher, allow the operator to fasten in seconds any size of trauma or non trauma patient. The Q-EVAC Belts can be stored permanently on the stretcher and does not require opening buckles, avoiding to forget them open.

Technical data:

Belt width: 35 mm (1 1⁄4 in)

Belt length: 300 cm (11 3⁄4 in) (x2)

Weight: 150 g (5.29 oz.)

Manual Plastic Pump

Plastic quick manual pump, sand protected, limited effort

Capacity 2500 cm3 Pressure 1 Bar (15 PSI)

Nitrogen Pump

Single use nitrogen cylinder

Capacity 1 L

Pressure 110 Bar (1600 PSI)

Manual Aluminium Pump

Aluminum quick manual pump

Capacity 1000 cm3

Pressure 1 Bar (15 PSI)

Pneuspine in action

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Certified human cargo bag that allows lifting patients with hoists, fixed lines or rope operations.

Trail Bag

Basic bag that allows carrying Pneuspine, Sinctok or Stila along pathways and trails.


Helmet for airborne medical crew members who must also protect their heads on the ground, away from the helicopter.

Helmet accessories

Our helmets can be equipped with various accessories to meet the operation requirements.

Safety Technologies

Northwall, as a result of an over thirty years’ experience, implements new solutions. Thanks to the application of cutting edge technologies allows innovative procedures. The purpose of Northwall is Improving the effectiveness and safety of those working in a delicate and important professional environment such as the helicopter rescue.

Tailor Made Process

Every patient, every task, every crew members has different requirements and needs different solutions to protect himself making tasks effective. The ability to customize and design dedicated solutions is the basis of Northwall's activity, which makes each product a devoted specimen, a personal solution.

Continuous Innovation

Northwall Team, with a strong activity of R&D, works hardly to deliver to professional customers new devices and tool that could turn every action in an effective and safe one. Behind every solution there’s a big effort: thousand hours of research, testing and cooperation with industry professionals, Scientific Societies, Universities and High-Tech innovation driven companies.