Northwall – Staff

Nicola Campani


Chairman and founder of Northwall srl, with 32 years of experience in pre-hospital rescue and creation of innovative medical devices, his responsibilities are the creation, the training about use of products to customers and partners, the innovation and product quality.

Francesca Buratti

Directive Advisor

Has extensive management and administrative experience in international companies, she is Directive Advisor and is responsible for management and corporate structure.

Alessandro Bianco

Tech dept.

Riccardo Cocchi

Tech dept

Passionate about military and cutting-edge technologies. From the beginning of his education, he has always loved the aeronautical world and new technologies. He studied mechatronic engineering. He worked in several companies, where he had the opportunity to develop innovative solutions in the mechanical and industrial fields.

Massimo Minghetti

Sales Manager

Martina Gianferrari

Customer Care

With a degree in the disciplines of Arts, Music and Performing Arts, she manages customer support during and after the selection of our products with a view to providing satisfactory and quality service.

Alberto Toffanetti

Sales Front Office

Luca Dell'Ali

Communication & Marketing

Research and Innovation
Nicola Campani

Quality, Certification and Norms
Alessandro Bianco

Technical Area
Alessandro Bianco – Riccardo Cocchi


Commercial / Customer Care
Massimo Minghetti – Martina Gianferrari – Alberto Toffanetti

Legal – Administration and Finance
Francesca Buratti

Communication & Marketing
Luca Dell’Ali


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